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Posted on Nov 3, 2018

Letter to the editor: Enough is indeed enough

Enough is indeed enough
Today I went out to pick up my mail and was astonished to find a flyer from the group Enough is Enough, PAC, against Matt Manweller. It’s deeply troubling. Where have we gone in politics that we don’t even allow “accused people to be considered innocent until proven guilty.”
Recently we just witnessed nationally the maligning of a great candidate for the Supreme Court by the opposition party that didn’t even offer him the open-minded opportunity to judge him by his proven work ethic, judicial decisions and strong moral compass. He was belittled in front of the nation, his family and his peers, which was unforgiveable. How would any of those individuals have felt if they were treated in this fashion?
I was always taught and believe that we are all innocent until proven guilty, and to witness this display of pure evil makes me think of the evil regimes we’ve seen in world history and all the horrific deeds they have done to innocent people just to further their thirst for power and control. I realize it may not be fashionable to say this and those drastic ends may not intentionally be what the democratic/socialist party of the U.S. has on their agenda, but God help us all if we continue down this destructive pathway.
This advertising against a man who has not been convicted of any crime, but who appears to be the victim of this “the new order” leftist agenda, is absolutely wrong. Our country has always been a shining light for many people to come to, and who have been subject to horrific crimes, abuse, and illegal activities in their homeland. Frankly our shining light appears to be dimming. Why would good people who could bring good qualities to our country through legal immigration processes want to continue to come to America?
Fellow citizens of Grant County, please do not reward the Democratic Party by allowing them to get away with “hanging a man” that has not been charged or proven guilty of any of these vile accusations. This is just a repeat of what we saw nationally and that was truly disgusting.
Please vote for Matt Manweller.
Respectfully submitted by
Candy Erickson,