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Posted on Feb 16, 2019

Letter to the editor: Eyes are opening

Eyes are opening
Thankfully, more people are waking up to the mainstream media’s mingling unverified gossip with some actual facts. A clever psyop; just as a viewers’ natural sense of “something doesn’t add up here” is kicking in, it’s buffered and overruled by the fact that the next story makes total sense. The damage has been done in mingling lies with the truth. News programs often omit many things of real importance we need to be aware of.
Thom Hartmann, an American radio host and progressive political commentator – noted as a former psychotherapist – this past week was vehemently pushing the theory that border crossings are down as fact, with no sources cited. Again, he’s a former psychotherapist. Do you think that has anything to do with him having a radio program? If you consider yourself a “liberal” who’s believed the brainwashing that all people of an opposite political view are haters, I‘d urge you to watch an episode of his radio program(ing) on YouTube where you can observe the full virulent “programming technique” of a member of the one-time self-proclaimed “when they go low we go high” slogan group. Blows that slogan’s accuracy all to … smithereens. Check it out and you’ll get the picture. Then go to Homeland Security’s official site ( and click on myth vs. facts; use the search window to check on actual numbers. Reports are that El Paso’s crossings are up by 190 percent and San Diego’s: 600 percent.
Elizabeth Warren’s announced she’s running for president. I’ve thought she’d be a blast to go to dinner with, but any such idea was shot all to … smithereens when I saw a copy of the actual 1986 Texas State Bar registration card where she listed her race as “American Indian.” Growing up I was told numerous stories about my USA Indian heritage from just five generations back. Things like conscience, integrity and common sense always prohibited me from summarizing that smidgeon of my heritage as being my race on any form. Maybe I’d be a senator and Harvard grad if I’d circumvented those now outdated traits.
In Ms. Warren’s speech she spoke of undoing “the terrible acts of this administration.” Since she didn’t cite even one example, we have to guess what acts she was referring to. Could the most recent “terrible act” be the bipartisan Criminal Reform Act – praised by Van Jones, relentless Trump critic?
Dwight Needens,