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Posted on Oct 13, 2018

Letter to the editor: Grant PUD needs Paris

Grant PUD needs Paris
Patti Paris is, by far, the best, most qualified choice for PUD commissioner. Our community needs the leadership Patti represents. I’ve know Patti for almost 30 years, have worked with her for six years on a church leadership board during a high-pressure time, and have watched her use her analytical and financial skills in her 15 years as chief financial officer for Columbia Colstor, a significant employer and agriculture support business here in Grant County.
After graduating from Eastern with a degree in accounting, Patti went to work for the PUD for 10 years, learning and leading in several growing areas, including IT and fiber. After being recruited to Colstor, she continued to be involved with the PUD, but now as a high-use customer focused on dependable, reasonably priced power. The highest-energy person I’ve ever met, Patti studied the incredibly complex roles of public utility districts across the nation. Not only was this knowledge critical for her company, but also for her to see how GCPUD’s future might play out for the advantage of all stakeholders in the community.
Patti understands the importance of agriculture, household, small business, and commercial power users and the interrelationship of them all. She understands the need to keep rates low, with subsidies, excess power sales, reasonable debt management, and infrastructure development.
Patti believes passionately about the need for a well-planned, well-managed PUD, one that will serve the county into the next century. She believes this so passionately she is using a fair amount of her own money to fund her campaign. Patti doesn’t believe in campaigning with simple slogans that don’t solve or even address the real problems of the PUD. Patti believes in a shared focus on the best future possible. She deserves your vote.
Mark Johnson,
Moses Lake