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Posted on Oct 5, 2018

Letter to the editor: Hammond is the choice for District 13

Hammond is the choice for District 13
I have lived in Cle Elum since 1981 and I would like to share why I will be voting for Sylvia Hammond for District 13 state legislator. She knows the area, having lived in the Columbia Basin for 38 years. She understands agriculture and she understands education, given her first-hand farming and teaching experience. More important, she shares my values.
In contrast to various votes by Matt Manweller, Hammond supports government transparency. She thinks democracy means making it easier, not harder, for eligible voters to take part in our democratic process, and she would have voted for automatic voter registration. She supports equal pay for equal work.
Now a vote for Manweller is actually a vote for who-knows-who? Having been asked to resign by his fellow Republicans over his alleged sexual transgressions, Manweller is still running, but he says that if elected he will resign before the next session. Voters don’t know who will be appointed in his place and so we cannot explore the positions of said mystery replacement.
I’m sticking with Sylvia Hammond. She says, “I plan to bring civility and integrity to the office as I work to address the needs of all of our district’s citizens.” I know what I’m getting when I vote for her.
Please join me.
Elizabeth Wise,
Cle Elum