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Posted on Oct 12, 2018

Letter to the editor: Hammond will represent our votes

Hammond will represent our votes
What is democracy? The dictionary defines it as rule by the people, us. It is the ability to elect your representative. We citizens in the 13th Legislative District still have that honor and responsibility. Sylvia Hammond and Matt Manweller are seeking our votes to be our representative in Olympia. Sylvia wants to be our representative and to serve us, while Matt says he will resign if he is elected. So what does that say about democracy? If Manweller wins, he quits. Then who chooses his replacement? The Republican Party chooses three people and the county commissioners of Grant, Kittitas, Lincoln and Yakima County will make the final choice. This is not democracy, but it is the law. This will give us for two years a person that we, the people, have never voted for. People often say they vote for the person and not the party. This is the perfect time to put that statement into practice. So how do we keep democracy alive and well in the 13th Legislative District? The choice is easy and smart. Vote for Sylvia Hammond.
Richard Teals,
Moses Lake