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Posted on Jul 9, 2019

Letter to the editor: If all else fails, reparations

If all else fails, reparations
Abraham Lincoln’s soldiers in the Union army fought and died fighting the Democrat-run Confederate army of the South. After the shedding of much blood, the Union gave some slaves the North fought so valiantly to free, 40 acres of land so they would have a place to call their own. Those freed slaves were later given a mule to help farm their lands. Much like affirmative action, the true intent of reparations by the Democratic Party is to further divide our nation by causing animosity among Americans. Many think the Rockefellers backed equal rights for women to lift women up in a fight for their equality among their peers. I’m sorry to say, though it seemed an honorable cause, the true intent of the Rockefellers was to divide families so children would be indoctrinated in public schools in an effort to sabotage crucial family values. A second benefit for the Rockefellers was to have the ability to tax both members of the household. Though seemingly courageous and honorable deeds, much of our government’s legislation has a hidden agenda that mirrors the teachings of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and would not be approved by “we the people” if we could see the whole picture. If legislators truly want to help African Americans, they will provide a hand up rather than a hand out to keep them down swimming in the belief they are lesser of a human being and eternal victims. Another agenda of reparations is for Democrats to buy African Americans votes so they can continue to swindle our nation while continuing to deceive through mainstream media control. I love all my fellow Americans and would like my African American brothers and sisters to remember the words of a truly great man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “In spite of its glowing talk about the welfare of the masses, Communism’s methods and philosophy strip man of his dignity and worth, leaving him as little more than a depersonalized cog in the ever-turning wheel of the state.” My African American brothers and sisters, don’t be a depersonalized cog in the ever-turning wheel of the state, but rise up knowing you’re more than just a minority, you are God’s children and you are the forgers of your destinies to stand proud upon what you have dared to build for yourselves.
Kary Eaton,