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Posted on Dec 27, 2018

Letter to the editor: Just the facts, please

Just the facts, please
Last month, an article on the front page of a paper largely circulated in our area bore the headline “Report: Number of immigrants in US illegally is lowest in more than a decade.” The source of the article was listed as The Los Angeles Times, which indicated the author’s name was Jaweed Kaleem. People who get their news from headlines would have a completely different opinion than anyone who took the time to carefully read the article, which actually refutes the headline.
The report was not using real-time figures but was based on – not even one year ago, mind you, but two years ago – from a 2016 report. One paragraph began citing the number of a certain group of people in the U.S. illegally as having dropped 1.5 million between 2007 and 2016. In reality, this can only be a speculative number given the fact there are possibly an undetermined amount of people in the U.S. whose visas have expired and can’t be found (do you really believe, in this age of surveillance-technology they can’t be found?).
I don’t like people trying to deliberately deceive me about matters concerning our country, do you?
Much later in the report, the writer admits, “Because the report does not look at 2017 or this year, researchers could not say what effect the Trump administration has had overall on the number of immigrants in the country illegally.” Therefore, if the headline had been truthful, it should have been something like, “Report: In 2016 Number of immigrants in US illegally were lower in more than a decade.” Proof that headlines can be totally deceptive.
A very recent headline in the same paper, again from a Los Angeles Times article, written by Shashank Bengali and Sultan Faizy, reads “Afghans: Troop-withdrawal plan could derail peace.”
Do you ever get sick of speculative or presumptive headlines and long for a source that’ll just give you the facts without opinion? I’m thankful I found One America News. On their website today: Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna, in an opinion piece published on Saturday, said Democrats “should applaud – not chastise” the president for his planned withdraw of U.S. military personnel from Syria and Afghanistan. Had you heard that?
Dwight Needens,