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Posted on Oct 19, 2018

Letter to the editor: Keep Pheasant in office

Keep Pheasant in office
Is it time for change in the Grant County Treasurer’s office? The answer is simple: No. Darryl Pheasant has the training, experience, integrity and respect to be retained as Grant County Treasurer. His opponent does not list any credentials qualifying him for money management, which is the primary duty of the treasurer. On the other hand, I know that Darryl Pheasant has a B.A. in finance, a minor in economics and 32 years of experience as treasurer. His opponent demonstrates his lack of understanding of the treasurer’s duties by erroneously stating that the treasurer is just trying to collect as much tax from us as possible. The truth of the matter is that the treasurer does not determine how much tax we owe – that’s determined by the cities, school districts, fire districts and other taxing districts. The treasurer just delivers the message. Don’t blame the messenger! Darryl Pheasant is the right choice for Grant County Treasurer.
Don Long,
Soap Lake