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Posted on Jan 26, 2019

Letter to the editor: King and stories we tell about race

King and stories we tell about race
This letter is written in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., whose self-sacrificial life seeking social justice brought a surge of true greatness into the history of our country.
I recently attended a lecture at our Quincy library sponsored by the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau. The speaker was Prof. Jessica Maucione, Ph.D., graduate of WSU, now teaching at Gonzaga University. The title of her lecture was “Transforming the Stories We Tell About Race.”
During the lecture, Prof. Maucione noted that according to biologists there are not different races in the human species, there is only one race, the human race.
Along those lines, it’s worth noting, from my point of view, that in one of the biblical creation stories God creates human beings not from star dust, sun rays, cirrus clouds or angelic wings, but from something low, in the mud, in the soil, in the dust, in the humus, the Bible’s way of reminding us that we are genuinely human, not when we think we’re above or superior to others, not when we think we are to have supremacy over others, especially those whose skin color, language, faith or clothing style is different than ours. No, we are genuinely human when, in humility, we see all human beings as part of the one human race created in “the image and likeness of God.”
We humans are born with humus, humility, in our DNA, shaping and giving substance to how we are to live and treat each other. I’d call that a life-giving, life-changing, disarming truth shining through the scriptures, and through Martin Luther King, into the darkness of this world.
Ron Moen,