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Posted on Aug 22, 2019

Letter to the editor: Media spins and trigger talk

Media spins and trigger talk
I appreciated the letter to the editor posted in last week’s Post-Register. It reinforced to me that all mainstream news media organizations get all of their orders from the same headquarters on what stories to cover and what spin to put on them, and are essentially causing many folks to be unaware that there’s another side of the story that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR and PBS either bypass completely or totally distort by repetitively overplaying one part while skimming over (or not including at all) critical facts, leaving the listener with a totally different view than they’d have if they were hearing an unbiased and more complete report. Has anyone heard even one Democratic congressman or senator frequently, strongly and publicly saying – in recent years – that our police should be honored, respected and appreciated, or heard them frequently condemn violence against law enforcement? In my view our representative was referring to people who “call the shots” and are in positions of power, not every Democrat in general. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and our former president were experts at “lumping all Republicans together” as being of one accord with such all-encompassing remarks as Ms. Pelosi’s “Republicans want to put Dreamers in Concentration Camps” (see, SEP-13-2017 and other sources). Remember her saying that Republicans want women to die on the floor? How about when she said Republicans don’t just want to destroy; they want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the Department of Education, they want to destroy your rights? Though I’m not a Republican, any such all-encompassing statements are clearly not true of a whole group (if even a handful). Frankly, I don’t think anyone can deny that a majority of Ms. Pelosi’s remarks over the years have been meant to instill rage and fear, and to create division and incite violence among Americans. It’s possible we may not have had any of the mass shootings that have occurred if she had dialed down (instead of dialed up) her “trigger-tactic” rhetoric long ago.
I’ve not seen or heard of even one Democrat speaking out in a public forum against the party’s seemingly updated stance on abortion being that it’s perfectly acceptable, now to the moment of delivery, to deny an infant safe passage from the womb (even though the child has its own unique DNA). Is this one opinion that is indeed shared by all Democrats?
Dwight Needens,