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Posted on Aug 31, 2019

Letter to the editor: Openness to different reporting

Every person is entitled to their opinion and choice of news information they choose to consider true and reliable. However, I do not believe that seven different major news outlets mentioned in a letter to the editor last week are all putting a biased “spin” on the issues pertaining to the current administration and extreme divisiveness of our country. I believe that there are two to three sides to every story. I noticed that the only news channel that wasn’t mentioned as putting a “spin” on things was Fox, the indisputable right-leaning news station and also called by many, the “station of Trump.” The reason for what is perceived as a “spin” by all those networks is because it is deserved. The “Commander and Chief Liar” and his supporting GOP senators are the reason. I suggest to anyone, to listen with an open mind to all of the different reporting. It makes a person better informed and increases our knowledge and understanding of others.
Connie Nelson,