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Posted on Oct 30, 2018

Letter to the editor: Public service at the treasurer’s office

Public service at the treasurer’s office
The right to vote is our responsibility. We must study both the initiatives and the candidates to determine what we think is best for our country. If we fail to vote, it is not an automatic “No Vote” on an initiative. We may not be happy with the results. Every vote is important.
A recent trip to the County Treasurer’s office demonstrated the importance of having good people in office. Our current Grant County Treasurer, Darryl Pheasant, stated “We need a person who knows all the laws, can explain what is going on, …, and make sure you are getting good information.”
I was told by County Assessor, Melissa McKnight (who is very concerned about excellent public service) that Mr. Pheasant should have sent me directly to her office to fill out a simple form and have it notarized immediately in her office. The people in the Treasurer’s office should have also known, handed me the form, or sent me to the Assessor’s office. Instead Mr. Pheasant told me to go to a title company and have them prepare paperwork. He refused to give me any “legal advice.”
At best, our current County Treasurer displayed tremendous ignorance as to something relatively normal in his office, or the Assessor’s office, which together serve the public. At worse, his misdirection away from the Assessor’s office, but to a title company could have cost me several hundred dollars.
I would expect a person claiming 32 years experience as County Treasurer to be excellent in providing good service, or be in need of replacement. People seeking public office should recognize their duty is to help all people.
Thomas Fancher,
Moses Lake