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Posted on Mar 1, 2019

Letter to the editor: Publication date change a bad move

Publication date change a bad move
So, the Quincy Valley Post-Register will abandon a tradition of more than 50 years in moving its publication date from Thursday to Wednesday.
The editor gave no explanation for the change in his Feb. 21 column. Changing from a Thursday to a Wednesday publication date will make the Post-Register a lesser product
Quincy’s city council and school boards almost always meet on Tuesday evenings. For years, that allowed coverage of those meetings to be in the Thursday issue, two days later.
Granted, the current editor has abandoned that tradition. Instead, any coverage of a Tuesday eve meeting appears nine days later.
Ironically, modern technology allows the much faster turnaround of information. Instead of typewriter to driving the layout sheets to the print press, it’s computer key board to computer layout to electronically sending the product to the print plant.
Another loss of the Thursday to Wednesday change will be coverage of Quincy High sports. Until the change, coverage of a Tuesday volleyball, basketball or numerous spring sports events could (and did) appear in the Thursday issue. Not anymore.
This change of publication dates, the editor wrote will be “better for everybody.”
The Post-Register should continue to provide local news coverage, but not in the timely manner as it has for years.
Gary Lindberg,