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Posted on Oct 8, 2018

Letter to the editor: Re-elect Cindy Carter county commissioner

My occupation as a tree fruit consultant for the past 23 years has afforded me the opportunity to work with Cindy Carter not only as a consultant, but as a concerned citizen. Grant County currently possesses roughly 55,000 acres of tree fruit. The present acreage in the county boasts almost 40 million trees, making Grant County the highest apple producing county in Washington as well as the U.S. Apples generate $4.7 billion (yes, with a B) and potatoes create $686 million in annual sales to the state every year. Grant County captures the majority of those dollars, not to mention revenue propagated by numerous other crops. Needless to say agriculture is vital to our local and state economy. The ability to restrain pests relative to tree fruit production is more difficult with the loss of pesticide chemistries as well as an increase in organic production. Some pest issues have become so debilitating that growers and consultants alike reached out to the county commissioners in an effort to find a solution. Cindy spearheaded the meeting(s) and helped define a need going forward for a full-time, salaried pest coordinator position within Grant County.
It is action not words that speak volumes of Cindy’s character and this instance reiterates our need, not only as an industry, but as a community for an individual that understands our challenges. Agriculture supplies the framework that allows our local businesses, schools, churches, and civic centers to thrive and grow. Having someone in the commissioner chair that embodies those values and realizes their worth is irreplaceable.
We live in this great part of Washington because, not in spite of, our better judgement. Help the agriculture community maintain what we all treasure most, our way of life. Please re-elect Cindy Carter.
Holly Wellsandt,
Moses Lake