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Posted on Apr 2, 2019

Letter to the editor: Responsible citizenship made easier

Responsible citizenship made easier
I’d like to encourage everyone, myself included, to start taking responsibility as a citizen of the United States, a Washington state resident, as well as a resident of the city of Quincy. If we are to even hope to have and be a “government for the people by the people” we must be continually aware of what is really happening in our federal, state, and city government. I think our city would actually welcome seeing more interest indicated by attendance of citizens at city council meetings, while our state government has likely been gleeful to surge ahead on things that are of some of their members’ personal pet projects that the majority of citizens wouldn’t support if they were staying abreast of things that are really going on in government.
I’m not even talking about watching a news program or taking a newspaper article as guidance. What I’m suggesting is going to internet sites like (for federal), (for state) where you can track legislation and bills and find all other kinds of relevant information. You can also call the Legislative Hotline, 1.800.562.6000, and leave a message on a specific bill or on an issue you would like them to look into that will be forwarded to your local representatives. I called the number moments ago to state that our governor’s representation of the climate issue is one-sided and asked that the legislators go to to get a more realistic and unbiased perspective. I added that while we’re being told we need to be taxed more for “our” carbon emissions, and being told it harms the environment, we are not being told that nano particles of carbon are a selected and chosen ingredient of the lingering mists frequently criss-crossing our skies, that gradually descend down to earth, affecting everything, as some studies – given no press – have long been reporting. Check out the article on Science Digest’s site, “Environmental impact of engineered carbon nanoparticles: from releases to effects on the aquatic biota.” Hmmm … worth looking into? I asked that our representatives review “the other side of the story” presented in detail and with solid facts, interviews, etc., at’s site. At’s site you can read encouraging reports being totally ignored or quickly passed over by the media. Check it out! There’s lots of good information at as well. See what’s opening March 28th!
Dwight Needens,