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Posted on Jun 19, 2019

Letter to the editor: Stop $27 billion in tax hikes: Sign Initiative 1648

Stop $27 billion in tax hikes: Sign Initiative 1648
In the 1700s, a tyrant with his parliament imposed overwhelming taxes on the citizens in the American colonies who had no say whatsoever.
In fact, military force was used to enforce those new taxes. This created so much opposition from the citizens they rose up in protest. It started with the Declaration of Independence, which eventually lead to the Revolutionary War.
This year, in the wee hours of the dark of night the governor and the Democratic members of the Washington state legislature passed and imposed a total of $27 billion in taxes on all the citizens and businesses of Washington state. The Republicans voted unanimously to stop them, but to no avail, being outnumbered.
These tax increases are now causing us the citizens of Washington state to also rise in protest. Thankfully there is no military action to enforce them, but there is a battle underway.
It’s a battle between tax-and-spend politicians and us, the financially affected citizenry.
Unlike the forebearers of the nation, the citizens of Washington state have a peaceful way to reverse and stop these oppressive and flagrant goings-on.
It is Initiative 1648, which insists on term limits on all new taxes the legislature passed, meaning that tax increases passed by the state legislature expire after one year unless voters approve the increases as referred in the ballot measure at the ballot box or by a two-thirds vote by the legislature.
How is it stopped? Find and sign the I-1648 petition as soon as possible. All petitions must be in by 5 July 2019 (sooner is better).
Please, regardless of your political leanings, join me in the spirit of Independence Day and express your outrage of these $27 billion tax increases by signing Initiative 1648.
Phil Anderson,