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Posted on Feb 19, 2019

Letter to the editor: Tell legislators ‘no’

Tell legislators ‘no’
The state of Washington is demanding that all schools teach only their approved curricula. A sample of the philosophy of one of their approved providers comes from Advocates for Youth. That national organization along with Planned Parenthood is celebrating “Condom Week” aimed at school-age youth. It’s to help teens celebrate Valentine’s Day. The goal for teens is to spearhead a campaign for free condom dispensers on campus. Condoms are less than 50 percent effective against most STDs and do not protect the heart.
Don’t just shake your head. Help. SB 5395 and HB1407 intend to mandate all districts teach this philosophy, no exceptions, no local exemptions or input. Call the hotline 1-800-356-6000. Tell your legislators no. Help your local teachers avoid the chaos in the classroom of Condom Week.
LeAnna Benn,