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Posted on Jul 27, 2019

Letter to the editor: Thank you for patience

Thank you for patience
Now that the roundabout on Hwy 28 and 13th Street SW is finally open, the City of Quincy would like to express our appreciation to retailers, neighbors, citizens, and local travelers for their patience and endurance of this enormous inconvenience. Some had to endure more distress than others and we are not unaware of their hardships.
Because of increased vehicle activity at this location, the City was required by the Department of Transportation to provide traffic mitigation for public safety. Though our preference would have been a traffic light, safety data from WSDOT supported a roundabout as the preferred method for controlling vehicle flow. Accordingly, the City was able to obtain partial grant funding for construction of the roundabout from the Transportation Improvement Board. Delays for the project were caused by unidentified underground conduits that interfered with the installation of the drainage system.
The City of Quincy is experiencing growing pains, which can be frustrating and disconcerting. We have a long history, however, of local support and civic pride, and we can only become stronger when we all pull together during difficult times. As stewards of public resources, it is our earnest desire to provide the highest level of municipal services. On behalf of the Mayor, Council, and City staff, thank you for your patience.
Pat Haley, deputy city administrator,
City of Quincy