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Posted on Jun 22, 2019

Letter to the editor: Thanks for supporting pet program

Thanks for supporting pet program

Friends of Quincy Animal Shelter’s spay/neuter voucher program has ended for this year. We would like to thank everyone who participated by either donating or having their pet fixed. Over the last two years, we have fixed 46 dogs and 28 cats.
Currently the shelter has many kittens available for adoption. Female cats can have litters as many as three times a year. Average litter size is around four kittens. Of the 28 cats fixed, 15 of them were female. If each of those females had three litters of four kittens, the total number of kittens needing homes could be as high as 180 (3x4x15=180).
Please get your pets fixed. Not every home needs a pet, but every pet needs a home.
Penny Wininger, board member, Friends of Quincy Animal Shelter,