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Posted on Jan 18, 2019

Letter to the editor: The real ‘manufactured crisis’

The real ‘manufactured crisis’
Have you noticed the apparent “orders from headquarters” (Headquarters ultimately being Hell, in my opinion) for all of the talking heads people under mind control or in danger of being blackmailed (in my opinion) were for everyone appearing on any network to refer to the crisis at the border as a “manufactured crisis.” What was a bit of a surprise is that even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has, up to this point, appeared to be an individual, made sure to follow the piper with spouting the same “phrase of the month” if you will. Are you beginning to see an invisible ring in these people’s noses?
As for a wall, it’s quite clear and couldn’t be more visible, that those who are fighting against a wall for our country’s security, have put up what appears to be an impenetrable wall in their stiff appearance and rhetoric. The phrase now in use to sway the public on a security barrier is “it’s immoral.” For any of you who believe that, if you lock your doors, have a fence around your home, or live in a gated community, you are living by a double-standard. Your country is your home – just on a larger scale.
In her swearing-in speech, Nancy Pelosi’s promised to work in a bipartisan way to do what is best for Americans. When Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson provided alarming facts about the real border crisis, Ms. Pelosi interrupted her and remarked, “I reject your facts!” Ms. Pelosi’s denial doesn’t make the numbers any less real. Border officials have apprehended some 3,000 people with terrorist ties. Last year, they also apprehended roughly 17,000 criminals at the border. Ms. Pelosi’s now promoting a bill that would dedicate more funding to foreign aid than to our country’s security. Who is she really working for?
Do you remember Van Jones, normally a devoted Trump opponent, praising the president for passing the criminal justice reform bill? Why don’t the news media outlets spend more than 30 seconds on that? Instead, after two years and millions (or is it billions now?) spent on trying to convict Trump of “Russian collusion” – which could accurately be called, in my opinion, a Manufactured Crisis, they have nothing to go on and refuse to look at the other side of the aisle where there is ample evidence floating around of a lot more involvement with Russia.
Dwight Needens,