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Posted on May 8, 2019

Letter to the editor: Think, then think some more

Think, then think some more
A not-so-long-ago Seattle Times article was captioned, “New milestone in King County: Immigrant population tops 500,000.” Does anyone think there’s a vault overflowing with money to cover everything for these folks until (if ever) they become taxpayers? Could this have anything to do with rent and home costs becoming unaffordable and more people on the verge of or already homeless? Could this have anything to do with people expelling waste in some city streets? Could this be why diseases previously eliminated from the U.S. are now being brought into the country by people who, at this very moment, make up such staggering numbers there aren’t enough agents and processing facilities to process foreigners properly let alone have them screened for diseases? If you’re a parent, are you thinking about this?
I’m 100 percent for legal immigration but strictly in accordance with numbers we can successfully process and provide for. Isn’t any other view insanity? Sheesh! Think about it. Your country’s exactly like your home. If people were storming into your home, would you just stand there nodding like a bobblehead, robotically repeating, “There is no crisis, there is no crisis.” When a tidal wave hits, it’s too late. I’d suggest you call your representatives today and tell them “restore order at the border.”
A 2016 health news report (on showed that one in six Americans were taking some kind of psychiatric drugs – mostly antidepressants. The study indicated that twice as many Caucasians than African-Americans or other minorities were downing the drugs and fewer than 5 percent of Asian-Americans were noted. Most were taking them long-term, Thomas Moore of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Alexandria, Virginia, and colleagues found.
We take antidepressants to better cope with anxiety and/or depression. Could their very success be contributing to why having a “government for, by and of the people” has dwindled as folks “check out” of political awareness to avoid the natural anxiety and depression we have with government issues many times? Instead of digging for the truth and addressing our representatives, we either check out or accept what the three conveniently free (deceptive propaganda?) networks feed us, thinking that’s keeping us up to speed politically. Piensalo. On any given day their newscasters all parrot the exact same words or phrases, without variation. Who’s the boss at the top of this pyramid scheme … “you racist”? (Get it?)
Dwight Needens,