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Posted on Oct 18, 2018

Letter to the editor: This is about jobs

This is about jobs
Did you know that irrigated agriculture accounts for 24 percent of the employment in the Grant County? Grant County agriculture directly employs over 7,000 Grant County residents, and indirectly creates employment for another 10,000 Grant County residents. Agricultural processing and manufacturing creates another 17 percent (9,000) jobs for Grant County residents. All total, this means 41 percent or 26,000 jobs are created by irrigated agriculture. Irrigated agriculture represents approximately 25 percent of the energy used from Grant County PUD.
Terry Brewer and Patti Paris are saying farmers aren’t important to this county. They say we need to diversify by bringing in data centers to our area. Did you know the data centers account for approximately 45 percent of the energy used and employ an average of 50 people per data center? That’s only 350 jobs brought into the county. Patti and Terry should think about how important farmers are to this county when they sit down for their next meal. Now that’s food for thought.
Vote for change this November. Vote Nelson Cox commissioner B-at large. Vote Judy Wilson commissioners district 1.
Larry Williamson,