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Posted on Jul 25, 2019

Letter to the editor: Uniting our nation

Uniting our nation
Since 1913 our country has been been put on a path of division when we became a two-party system. Since then our nation has become something of a bitter old couple that has remained together for an extraodinary amount of years because we love a good fight. Democrats and Republicans alike who vote for representatives to serve we the people should work together to assure our leaders are held accountable when they only serve special interest groups who fund their campaigns. That said, I hope my fellow Republicans will verify concerns Democrats have of our Republican leaders and if found to be true, hold our leaders accountable. At the same token I ask Democrat voters to also verify concerns of the Republican base and hold their leaders accountable. Americans need to unite and preserve a free and open society for generations to come.
We as a nation are inherently free and should all share the dream of having the ability to be independent of others that would enslave us in debt to a global banking cabal. If representatives want open borders and will allow foreign governance within our borders, this is indeed a threat to the very fundamentals of a free nation. I hope we can help others to understand this threat and not vote for leaders such as Joe Biden, who once said, “The affirmative task we have now is to create a new world order because the global order is changing again.” In that statement Joe Biden was condoning putting other nations ahead of the U.S. and allowing foreign governance within in our borders.
It’s possible for Americans who share different beliefs to come to an agreement that will benefit all American citizens. If someone doesn’t value our God-given unalienable rights, in my opinion, they will be a minority and subsequently waste their vote on a “leader” who doesn’t value a free and open society either.
As a Republican, I’m glad there are so many Democrats running for POTUS, as in my opinion none of them truly value our Constitution and are dividing their party in voting for the lesser of 24 evils. At this time I would ask Democrats to truly examine Republicans concerns in what your choices are to truly serve our nation. I know Democrats will see their dilemma, and I welcome all to join our party in uniting our nation.
Kary Eaton,