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Posted on Nov 2, 2018

Letter to the editor: Vote Hammond on Nov. 6

Vote Hammond on Nov. 6
Many people are disillusioned with politics due to corruption and extreme partisanship. In this election, we have a chance to elect a person of integrity who cares deeply for the well-being of people in the 13th district and who is willing to work with all stakeholders to achieve equitable solutions. Sylvia Hammond has lived and worked in Ephrata for many years and has listened to people throughout the district express their concerns about farming, education, health care, and natural resources. One of her most important qualities is her ability to engage with people whose opinions are different from her own. Sylvia has taken no contributions from PACs or special interest groups, so she will be accountable only to the people of the district. Her campaign is truly a grassroots effort, supported by people who believe in her intelligence, honesty, and fairness. Her campaign is what democracy looks like. I urge your readers to vote for Sylvia Hammond on Nov. 6.
Christine Sutphin,