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Posted on Jul 11, 2019

Letter to the editor: What is her solution?

What is her solution?
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson was recently interviewed on CNN claiming that children in migrant detention centers were imprisoned. Among her complaints: beds were too close together and girls were housed immediately across the hall from the boys. She proposed no solutions, but her hair and makeup were perfect. Combined with the impressive cowboy hat, western attire and accessories, she couldn’t have been more impressive as she arrogantly declared that the facility needs to be shut down. Isn’t a Congress person supposed to serve their own district? According to Wikipedia, she’s supposed to be “representing” Florida’s 24th District, but when she’s on the news it sounds like the undocumented are her only constituents. Hmmm … is she “colluding” with Mexico and/or other Latin American countries? Ms. Wilson gave absolutely no suggestions as to what could/would or should be done if the facility were closed. It’s easy to find fault, but if those griping the loudest don’t present even one possible solution, do they really care about the matter or are they simply seizing the opportunity to stir up the masses?
If Ms. Wilson wants to be proactive, she can start working across the aisle and help at the border. They need babysitters. Border Patrol agents are being stretched beyond the limit, and while the president’s been trying to bring help and solutions to the situation, his opponents refuse to work with him in any way, which is evidence that their dedication to opposing the president and fiscal soundness far supercedes any compassion they might have (do they really?) for those who are caught in the middle and how this is affecting you and I.
Remember, the arrogant party and their multi-media servants all declaring in unison (until the crisis is now beyond a breaking point), that there was no crisis at the border? Even Jeh (pronounced “Jay”) Johnson, former Department of Homeland Security chief under Obama, has declared the immigration proposals of all of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates as unworkable and unwise.
By the way, it’s no secret that along with other tax increases, seemingly welcoming illegal immigrants with no cap on their numbers, the “Jay” of our state (Inslee) wants to tax us for carbon emissions. Yet numerous stifled studies have shown that even if the climate fanatics’ goals were reached – at a cost of billions to Americans – the difference made would be insignificant. See
Dwight Needens,