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Posted on Jul 26, 2019

Letter to the editor: Without a vote of the people

Without a vote of the people
Did you wonder why there were suddenly so many Democratic presidential candidates, like out of the blue? I expect people of all political persuasions believe many of the candidates have to know they don’t have a snowball’s chance in Winchester of winning the election (at least not a chance of winning honestly). Probably the number one reason many of them are running is because they know their debates and proclamations will be given top media priority – and for some time – over other far more newsworthy things that are actually affecting many of our lives, both presently and in the future. For instance, which would be more important to you? Stories about your taxes going up or the latest cat fight between candidates? Following in a close second for why so many are running (maybe actually in a tie with first place) is the fact that it’s a good way to get a luxury paid vacation at the expense of their citizens. If you could put your job on hold and/or have your aides and assistants run the show while you still collect the salary, plus have all your expenses paid to be taken around the country with the very best in travel accommodations and lodgings, wouldn’t you tell your friend Hal, “Hal, yes! I’m going for it!”
In April, Democrats in New York killed a proposal for tuition assistance for children of veterans killed in battle and instead approved a bill to give illegals free tuition. The New York Republican party “tweeted,” “Democrats just rejected tuition assistance for Gold Star families but approved it for illegal immigrants.” Isn’t this a story that should have been in the headlines constantly, and that people from all political persuasions should’ve been blowing their stacks about it?
Prepare to be slowly taxed into homelessness “without a vote of the people.” A news story today was titled “Washington state considers taxing drivers by the mile.” Democratic state Senator Rebecca Saldana, vice chairwoman of the transportation committee, says the state can’t rely long term on gas tax revenue to fund transportation needs. You’ve heard our governor has declared us a sanctuary state. Sounds like “new news,” but you can look at what went on quietly behind the scenes in a February 2017 story (that no one I know of remembers hearing about) that was titled: “Inslee signs executive order protecting rights, services for Washingtonian immigrants.”
Dwight Needens,