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Posted on Feb 4, 2016

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 4

Take the time to do your own research into the candidates
Dear Editor,
Most of us don’t have the time or energy to personally research candidates, and one gradually discovers that many people’s conclusions (their own included) have been dead wrong – once they’ve put the time into delving beyond what’s presented in the mainstream media. I’ve been afforded a wonderful advantage while doing photo restoration jobs on the computer: I can listen to hours of detailed reports and interviews from multiple opposing sources that have resulted in a dramatic change in my views.
How many of us know that President Kennedy became aware of and was starting to publicly speak of – what many people now know of as “The Bilderberg Group?” You know the rest of the story, but if you haven’t thoroughly investigated the Bilderberg group, you’re operating in the dark no matter where your political allegiance lies.
There are some wacko presentations out there, but you can quickly find credible, well-documented reports (on Youtube and other sources) revealing the fact that they literally “select” those they want to elevate, many of whom have connections we don’t know about. Did you know the current President is actually related to both Bush presidents and Dick Cheney? Have you wondered why, of all the millions of extremely talented, successful people we have, that elections would circle back to people in the same immediate families – a father and son, a husband and wife, distant cousins?
Google “Prescott Bush and the Third Reich.” Listen to “The Clinton Conspiracy” on Youtube. Before discrediting Donald Trump, review his positions and listen to several of his interviews. Look up reports by Dane Wigington. Sufficient and unbiased homework will bring you the truth. The mainstream media will not.

Dwight Needens, Quincy

Let’s see a showing of support for 1161st Transportation Co.
Dear Editor,
The purpose of this Letter to the Editor is to request everybody’s help in displaying our appreciation to the members of the U.S. Army National Guard 1161st Transportation Co. In case you hadn’t heard, our government has made the decision there is no longer a need for the 1161st, so it is being disbanded. The soldiers and equipment will either be transferred to another unit or surplused out. March 4-6 marks the last time for the 1161st Transportation Company to have a weekend drill in Ephrata, or anywhere.
We of the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary, Art Semro Post and Unit 28 wish to try to ensure the men and women of the 1161st know how much we appreciate them and wish them the very best wherever the future takes them. So we are sponsoring a parade on March 5 to enable the entire community, and surrounding communities, to gather and honor these great men and women who have done so much for us and our country.
The soldiers will be the only people in the parade, which will begin at 10:30 a.m. The plan is for them to ride in their vehicles from the county courthouse to the armory while we all line every inch of the parade route with people holding banners, signs, flags, etc., indicating their appreciation and pride in these brave young men and women.
We also ask the marquees/sign boards/etc. in the local area, Ephrata especially, display words of thanks and good wishes.
The signage and parade is a symbolic way to tell our soldiers we support them wherever and however they serve. We encourage your participation in letting our soldiers of the 1161st Transportation Co. know how glad we are that they have been such a positive presence in our community and our nation. Please contact Mike or Jane Montaney at 754-4889 with any questions concerning this event and to let us know you’ll be involved.

Jane Montaney,
Americanism & National Security chairman
American Legion Auxiliary, Art Semro Unit 28
Voting ‘yes’ on school bond for future generations to come
Dear Editor,
As I was growing up in Quincy in the 1970s and 1980s, I had the privilege of attending every school in the Quincy School District (except for Monument Elementary and High Tech High, which didn’t exist back then). I attribute most of the success in my life to the education I received in those buildings. People before me had to sacrifice to ensure that I and my peers could be educated in such fine facilities. As a resident and a taxpayer in the Quincy School District, I now have a good understanding and I am appreciative of the contribution generations before me made to provide a quality education in Quincy.
Although I am nostalgic when I think about my days in the halls of Mountain View, George and Pioneer elementary schools, as well as the junior and senior high schools, I understand that these buildings are now inadequate to meet the educational needs of our growing community. After learning about the lengthy process the Quincy School District has undertaken to develop a sensible plan to ensure that our community can have necessary educational facilities for years to come, I am happy to vote yes for the school bond. I know that it is now my turn to sacrifice so future generations of Quincy children will have the opportunity to learn in buildings that will enhance their education.
Will you please join me and return your ballots marked approved by the Feb. 9 deadline?

Chuck Allen, Quincy