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Posted on Jan 20, 2016

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 14

Government picks & chooses which laws to enforce
Dear Editor,
Where to start? A while back, law enforcement agencies were attending a conference in Chelan. Many agencies traveling there were speeding through a WSP speed trap and none were ticketed. In Baltimore and Ferguson, whether the police officers are guilty or not guilty, does not allow large groups of protestors to destroy private and public property, and then have some public officials tell the police officers to give them space. I am fairly confident that the cities did not help private businesses rebuild. Marijuana in Washington and Colorado, the states legalized it. And, just so you know, I am not against “pot.” If you want to be stoners, go for it. But the federal government has a law against this. Congress should change the law, but until they do, pot should be illegal.
Most of us out here in Middle America are tired of the picking and choosing of which laws are enforced. How can the courts say federal law has to be followed by the states on the gay marriage issue, and then have the federal government basically say “do what you want to do” in regards to marijuana?
Also, a while back when the Colorado River was polluted. I believe the EPA was responsible. With that said, of course, it was an accident; no one would intentionally do that. They more or less said, “I’m sorry,” and moved on. But I can’t help but wonder if a company or private individual caused it, would they be able to say I’m sorry that it happened, or would they be fined by the EPA?
Finally, God be with the Hammond ranching family in Oregon. Please give the elderly wife and mother the strength to hold the ranching business together for the next five years.

David J. Niderost

Support schools: Vote ‘yes’ in upcoming bond election
Dear Editor,
I am writing on behalf of the Quincy School District Building Bond election. I look back on my education in Quincy with pride and so much respect. Most important however, are my memories of fabulous educators, wonderful opportunities for self-realization and growth, a strong sense of community in every sense of the word, and a district committed to my growth as a student, no matter what physical space was needed to teach and be taught.
Since graduating from Quincy High School in 2001, I have completed two degrees and have a job that I love. I am a fiercely loyal supporter of public schooling and of the Quincy School District because I am a product of the love, wisdom, passion and patience of so many who influenced my path.
I believe that the spirit of Quincy and the commitment of the district has what it takes to undertake yet another project aimed to grow the district and influence the lives of so many lucky, lucky kids.
Please believe in the possibilities and vote yes on the Quincy School District Building Bond.

Erin (Cedergreen) Woods

Thief steals group’s quilts
Dear Editor,
A group of quilters meets each week at St. Paul Lutheran Church to make quilts for those in need. Many of these quilts are sent to Lutheran World Relief Missions and go all over the world. Some quilts have been given to victims of the 2014 and 2015 fires in Okanogan and Chelan counties.
The finished quilts are folded and stored on shelves. Before Thanksgiving, a count on the completed quilts was done because there was a concern that some were missing. On Dec. 1, the quilters returned to the church and counted the inventory again. It was evident that seven quilts had been taken.
No one had a right to take those quilts. We didn’t make them to be taken without permission. If a person in need of one would have just asked, they could have had one. The abuse of trust and downright thievery is unacceptable.

Jessie Niles Overman
St. Paul Lutheran Church Quilting Group