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Posted on Nov 14, 2018

Library hosts photographer’s work

It might make for a catchy slogan someday, kind of what “Location, location, location” is for Realtors, but for photographers.
“Shoot, shoot, shoot,” says Leslie Tobin, who is a longtime shutterbug and the artist whose work is on exhibit at the Quincy branch of the North Central Regional Library.
“Shoot, shoot, shoot,” or, in other words, take lots of photos, is the advice she gives people, particularly young ones, interested in photography.
A young one she was, 12 years old at the time, when she started taking pictures with her brother’s 35mm camera, during a family vacation to Ocean Shores.
“They actually turned out pretty good, for being a beginner,” the 52-year-old Tobin said.
Although no longer a beginner, Tobin describes photography as her passion.
“It helps me to see the beauty in everyday things,” she said. “It helps me see the beauty in the world, and I like to share that with others.”
This is the second time her work has been up on the walls of the Quincy library.

Leslie Tobin is a Quincy photographer and the current featured artist at the Quincy library.
Photo by Sebastian Moraga/Post-Register

She takes pictures daily, and she strives to take photographs that turn out well without a lot of editing, or cropping or much less, filtering.
“I like to take a good photo the first time, and that’s it,” she said. “That’s just my philosophy.”
She fell in love with photography taking pictures at live concerts in the Seattle area. Now she’s become known among her relatives for her deep love of photography, although it does come with some side effects, like the high standards she has when she’s in front of the lens and not behind it.
The best friend of a photographer is light, particularly at sunset, she said. The worst enemy of the photographer is the photographer and his or her tendency to doubt his or her talent, she said. And the worst enemy of the photographer taking Leslie Tobin’s picture is Leslie Tobin.
“I’m awful,” she says with a laugh, adding that she has been known to give photographers tips when they take her picture.
A resident of Quincy since 1990, she said she relishes the chance to show some of her work in her adoptive hometown, especially if it will inspire someone to take up the hobby.
“They don’t have to have a fancy camera,” she said. “Any camera will do. Just take pictures every single day. People might wonder or criticize you, but keep it up. Shoot everything, whatever interests you.”

By Sebastian Moraga,