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Posted on May 17, 2015

Linscott pleads not guilty

EPHRATA — The Grant County Sheriff’s deputy accused of domestic violence faces court June 12, with the Douglas County Prosecuting attorney’s Office pressing the charge in his case.
Corey Linscott, 36, remains on administrative leave while his case is investigated and moved through court. He was charged April 27 with fourth-degree assault after police were summoned to his Quincy home during an alleged domestic dispute.
Linscott’s attorney, Steve Woods of Wenatchee, said the June 12 pretrial hearing date likely will be moved in view of the continuing investigation by Quincy police.
Linscott has pleaded not guilty. Douglas County deputy prosecutor Gordon Edgar is managing the state’s case, to avoid a conflict of interest for the Grant County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.
Linscott is accused of placing his hands on his 18-year-old stepson’s neck April 26 and attempting to physically force him out of the family’s Quincy home. Police say the physical assault came at the end of an argument between Linscott and his wife, after his stepson verbally defended his mother from insults by Linscott.
Linscott’s wife fled the home with their three children as Quincy police arrived, according to the arrest report. Linscott also left the home, but was then found walking in an alley near his residence and arrested.