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Posted on Oct 9, 2018

Locals get ready to make a difference

The Grant County Fire District 3 building once again opened its doors on Oct. 1 to the planning meeting of Make a Difference Day, taking place on Oct. 27. Bonnie Kniveton has been organizing and inspiring Quincy residents to participate with enthusiasm to equal her own, now conducting a second meeting to get things on the way.
“This is my dream – this is my year,” Kniveton said with a confident smile.
This week’s meeting attracted 16 attendees, most with a project in mind. A few people came by to see how they could contribute. Kniveton’s work of handing out flyers and spreading the word around is taking effect.
Make a Difference Day started on Feb. 29, 1992 – on Leap Day – when USA Today designated it as a day to do some good, to make that one “extra” day count. The day of doing good idea is now a nationwide movement.
“Wenatchee has been doing this for years. We can do it, too,” Kniveton said.

Bonnie Kniveton, of Quincy, left, and Laurel Helton, of Wenatchee, share a passion of helping and making a difference.
Photo by Jaana Hatton/For the Post-Regsister

Laurel Helton, one of the Wenatchee’s Make a Difference Day organizers, was present to encourage and explain about the process.
“Anyone can participate,” Helton said. “Everything is of value.”
She also pointed out that the project does not have to be only on Oct. 27 – it can be a week-long, or a year-long, undertaking, as long as a part of it takes place on Make a Difference Day.
Daniel Chism presented his plan to organize a bonfire for veterans at Trinity Farms on Oct. 27. His other, long-term project, is to conduct and audiotape interviews with veterans. The recordings will be sent to the Library of Congress.
Harriet Weber with the Quincy Historical Society & Museum proposed to help Chism to digitize the recordings. Weber also said the Celebration of Cultures day, taking place on Oct. 13, is part of the Make a Difference Day events.
Nicole O’Shea is putting together Freedom Packages to be sent to deployed soldiers from the Quincy area. She also pointed out that the Monument Hill area is quite trashy and in need of a big clean-up.
Police Chief Siebert and Officer Stump had come to the meeting explaining their need for support in the K-9 program.
“Each dog ends up costing $25,000,” Chief Siebert said. “People can contact the Friends of the Shelter to donate.”
A group of ladies from the Senior Center have been making hats to donate. Kniveton is one of the knitters.
“In 2016, Quincy was able to provide hats to grades K-6. This year we are a little short due to some of our hat makers not being able to participate anymore,” she said.
Kniveton explained that 1,408 hats are needed. So far she has bagged 700. Anyone can join in. The Senior Center will give the supplies and instructions.
The Senior Center may also be used as the point of central location on Make a Difference Day. The event needs a “go-to” place and a donation spot.
Daniel Chism offered to create a Facebook page for Quincy’s Make a Difference Day. Currently, Kniveton is organizing and keeping track of the process via phone calls and emails.
For more information, contact Bonnie Kniveton at 509-787-3912 or

By Jaana Hatton, For the Post-Register