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Posted on Apr 20, 2019

Looking Back, April 20, 1978

Looking Back, April 20, 1978: Donn Grebb designs and builds water screen device

Donn Grebb of Quincy has invented a device that may prove to be a boon to water users who have trouble with moss, weed seed and debris in their irrigation ditches. Grebb has applied for a patent on the device, which he calls an Aqua-Screen.
It is placed in the weir and the water running through it drives the mechanism. A paddle wheel provides the power to move a standard patio brush over a 50 mesh screen, which catches the debris in the water. The debris is collected in a catch pan and the water passes on through the screen. Grebb says the Aqua-Screen can handle 2 ½ feet of water or more without difficulty.
He got the idea when thinking about how to solve the problem of moss plugging up his siphon tubes. He wanted to eliminate the problem of the moss and collecting weed seed and algae is an added benefit of the Aqua-Screen.
After he built the first one, he found other famers were interested in obtaining them. He spent December and January building jigs to speed up the manufacture. He is working with Pybus Steel in Wenatchee on some of the fabrication. The assembly and welding he does in his shop.
The models he is building are the fifth generation of the original, and they are designed to work in a Cipolletti weir or a standard suppressed rectangular weir. He has both 24 and 26 inch models. Grebb has four Aqua-Screens working on his farm and persons interested in seeing how they operate can see him for a demonstration.