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Posted on Apr 29, 2019

Looking Back, April 28, 1988

Looking Back, April 28, 1988: Quincy pipes found to be free of lead

Quincy residents will receive a notice in the mail soon regarding lead in drinking water. Federal regulations require that these notices be sent out by every community water system in the nation under the provisions of the safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986.
The Quincy Water Department said the amount of lead in Quincy’s water supply is so insignificant that it poses no problem to the health of the community. The source of water is minimally corrosive before and after treatment and dissolves lead slowly when compared to corrosive water.
Additionally, no lead or lead-based, materials have been used in the past, nor will be used in the water distribution system.
The greatest danger excessive lead levels in drinking water is in homes with lead pipes or copper pipes with lead solder if the home is less than five years old. Michael Konen, public works director for the city of Quincy, said no houses are known to have lead piping in town and any lead in the plumbing of other homes would not be readily dissolved in the water supply.
“There has been no instance of lead in our water causing any health problems for Quincy,” Konen said. “The notices being sent out are required by federal law and all public water systems must comply by June 19. There should be no concern among Quincy residents of the safety of water supplied by either the City of Quincy or Weller-Martin Tracts Water Association.”