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Posted on Aug 1, 2019

Looking Back, Aug. 1, 1996

Looking Back, Aug. 1, 1996: City manager still in the works

No real progress has been made on a move to explore the possibility of changing Quincy’s government from mayor-council to city manager.
Jim Hemberry, a former council member who has been coordinating the effort to look into the change, said he had not had time to pursue the idea but it is still in the works.
“We are still going to look into it,” Hemberry said. “The first step will be to hold public meetings and receive input on whether we should even put it on the ballot.”
Because of time constraints, Hemberry said he doubted it would make it on the November ballot.
“It will probably have to be a special election if they decide to put it on the ballot,” Hemberry said.
Councilman Tony Gonzales explained why the new form of government is being looked into.
“The reason I brought it to the council is I had been approached by members of the community.
“I talked to a council member in Ephrata and through these discussion I brought it to the council to see if they would be interested in investigating it,” he said.
Gonzales said Hemberry was approved by the council to head up a committee to look at the possibilities.
“For me, I think we were mostly interested in seeing whether there could be a more efficient way to do things,” Hemberry said.
Hemberry said he feels the current city government is doing the best job they can but things seem to get bottle-necked.
“We want to look at the advantages and disadvantages of having a city manager.
“I don’t really know that much about it since I only have experience with the current form,” he said.
No time frame has been set on when the committee will be ready to present the proposal.
“Maybe the committee will say this isn’t a good thing for Quincy,” Gonzales said.