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Posted on Feb 14, 2019

Looking Back, Feb. 13, 2003

Looking Back, Feb. 13, 2003: In the minds of our students

Quincy High School students were under the spell of hypnotist Marc Savard on Wednesday, February 5, during an assembly on alcohol awareness called “Your mind, You Power, Your Choice Against Drinking and Driving.”
Savard asked for student volunteers willing to be hypnotized. He led the volunteers through some deep relaxation techniques until they were in a suggestive “sleep” state. After a few hypnotic suggestions, he narrowed the number of volunteers down, keeping those who were most responsive.
The volunteers left were given several entertaining suggestions. Sophomore David Law became singer Ricky Martin whenever the song “Shake You Bon Bon” came on. The hypnotist told the volunteers they each had winning lottery tickets, and then that the tickets were missing. The male volunteers even did some ballet and interpretive dancing.
For the second part of the presentation, Savard assigned each volunteer a role while they were in the “sleep” state. Half the volunteers were students driving home from a party after drinking. The other volunteers were a family on their way home from a birthday party. One of the children in the family was assigned to be “dead.” One of the students was assigned to be disfigured and another paralyzed.
When Savard gave the car crash signal, the hypnotized volunteers started living out their roles and chaos broke loose. In one car, two parents realized that one of their children was dead. The other children were crying, confused and hurt. In the other car, one student found out he couldn’t feel his legs and another realized they would never look the same again. The driver faced horrible feelings of guilt and panic as he realized that he had caused the accident. The volunteers were very emotional. After a few minutes, Savard put them back in the “sleep” state.
He then told the audience the reason for this presentation is so students can emotionally experience the consequences of drunk driving through their friends.
The hypnotist told the audience they have alternatives to drinking and driving or riding with a drunk driver. Some of the options were to not drink, call your parents, know your limit, call a cab, or pick a designated driver.