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Posted on Jun 17, 2019

Looking Back: June 17, 1999

Looking Back, June 17, 1999: Teachers team up for science

Science teachers at Quincy Junior High are textbook examples in real-time.
Sixth-grade teacher Steve Coleman said he and fellow sixth-grade teachers team up throughout the year to give their students more in-depth perspectives of what they are learning.
“That’s what makes this group so good,” Coleman said. “Everybody brings in their different strengths and areas of interest and contribute to our knowledge.”
Coleman brought students out to the back of the school where he showed them different organs of a pig. Coleman told the students that out of all the types of animals, organs of a pig most closely resemble those of a human.
He showed them various functions of the body, including the digestive system, lungs and heart.
Although some students got a little queasy, most of the students said they found the lesson interesting and learned a lot.
Earlier in the year, sixth-grade teacher Trisha Donaldson taught the students about bones, explaining their function and showing them types of bones and bone marrow.
Also this year, teacher Andy Ornelas had medical and lab technicians come in and take blood samples from each of the students. The technician ran tests of the students’ blood and told them their blood types.
Coleman said the teachers also took the students to Quincy Lakes last fall to teach them about the world of nature.
“We’re teaching them to have stewardship for their community,” Coleman said.