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Posted on May 10, 2019

Looking Back, May 11, 2000

Looking Back, May 11, 2000: Drug task force educates students at Mountain View

Quincy Police Officer Paul Snyder and his best friend, K-9 Officer Duke, paid Mountain View El-ementary a special visit last Thursday for the school’s Drug Awareness Day celebration.
Snyder said he and Duke each became police officers four years ago.
“Our whole job is to find drugs,” said Snyder.
Snyder said he selected Duke from the Tacoma Humane Society because Duke loves to play ball.
“He’s subject-oriented,” Snyder said. “All he wants is the ball.”
Duke’s training took six weeks, at eight hours a day.
He was trained to sniff out four kinds of drugs – marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin – by giving him the promise of playing with a ball after he found the drugs.
Snyder said Duke can detect various forms of the different drugs, as well as paraphernalia as-sociated with their use.
To demonstrate, Snyder hid a marijuana pipe underneath an orange “warning” cone on the school’s gymnasium floor.
He held on the ball in front of Duke and then told him to “find the dope.”
Duke has a small badge on his collar to show he is the real thing.
“It’s just like mine,” said Snyder. “That means he’s a police officer. If anybody hurts him it’ll be just like hurting me. They’ll go to jail.”
Snyder said Duke lives at his home with his family and his other dog, a female named Harley.
“He’s my best friend,” he said.
The children were also given stickers and bracelets with a drug-free message donated by the Quincy Prevention Council.
They closed their assembly with a song performed by second-grade students.