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Posted on Nov 16, 2018

Looking Back, Nov. 16, 1989

Looking Back, Nov. 16, 1989: Quincy High choir wins top jazz awards

Spectrum, Quincy High School’s vocal jazz choir, earned the two top prizes at the Yakima Jazz Fest ’89 last Friday.
Spectrum won both the gold and sweepstakes awards which 27 high school groups competed for. All 27 groups performed in the morning and afternoon competitions. Then seven groups, including Spectrum, where chosen to perform in the evening finals.
Spectrum was the only group to earn gold on the preliminary performance, as silver and bronze medals were awarded to other groups. Spectrum then took the sweepstakes awards as the best group among those performing in the finals.
“This was a triple first for Spectrum,” Quincy choral director Stu Hunt said. “This is the first time Spectrum has ever won first place in the vocal competition, plus the gold and sweepstakes awards. It really showed it was okay for us to be us.”
Spectrum has 15 singers, five instrumentalists and a sound technician.
Singing alto for Spectrum are Betsy Field, Tami Howe, Chesiree Johnson and Romayne Peterson. The bass singers are Brian Bews, Wade Hale and Darrin Rylaarsdam. The sopranos are Brenda Buys, Marci Spence, Kim Tharp and Laura VanderGiessen with the tenors Jeremy Hawes, Scott Hemberry and Jac Hernandez.
The instrumentalists are Colleen Duggan on piano, Shane Bowman on drums, Steven Cook on trumpet, Aaron Jones on guitar, Joaquin Mata on bass plus Nato Napoles on trombone. Donovan Nolan is the sound technician.