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Posted on Feb 12, 2016

Love your pooch? Than put a license on it

Staff report
Last year, the Quincy Animal Shelter returned 110 lost dogs to their owners.
In many cases, the shelter was able to return the dogs to their homes because the pet was wearing a Quincy dog license, according to a public service announcement from the shelter.
The shelter reminds dog owners that, along with drastically improving your chances of getting a pet back, a license also lets everyone know your dog is current on its rabies vaccinations. That’s because a dog cannot be licensed unless it is properly vaccinated.
An animal control officer or a Good Samaritan may be more likely to want to handle and care for your missing pup if they know it is healthy, the shelter reports.
Along with just being a good idea, having your dog licensed is also the law, the shelter reports. In Quincy, it’s mandatory that dog owners have a pet licensed. If law enforcement authorities catch a dog without a license, the owner may be fined.
Dogs must have a renewed license each year and it should be displayed on them at all times.
To get a city dog license, owners must bring proof that a dog has a current rabies vaccination. (The first vaccination is required at the age of 4 months and needs to be updated every one or three years, depending on the type of vaccination given.) Dog owners also must have either a proof of spay or neuter or AKC or UKC registration papers for the dog.
A dog license costs $5 for altered animals and $12 for registered, non-altered animals.
This year, to help with the cost of the rabies shot, Friends of the Quincy Animal Shelter is offering a $20 coupon that can be used at Dr. Laura Hoyt’s office in Quincy or Dr. David Brown’s office in Ephrata to help reduce the cost of the rabies shot.
Call the shelter at 787-8010 for more information.