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Posted on Nov 12, 2015

Merred: I believe in the long-term success of the Quincy hospital

Editor’s Note: Mehdi Merred, CEO of Quincy Valley Medical Center, wrote a letter to the community upon his resignation last week.

By Mehdi Merred, CEO Quincy Valley Medical Center

Dear Quincy Community,
This letter is to inform you that on Nov. 4, I submitted my resignation to the Quincy Valley Medical Center’s Board Commissioners to be effective Dec. 12.
No specific event triggered my decision, and you can be assured that I am not leaving Quincy because I am uncertain about the future of Quincy Valley Medical Center. This is a voluntary action.
Today I believe in the long-term success of our hospital more than ever. The economic growth of Quincy and the expanding medical needs of our community make Grant County Hospital District No. 2 a valuable asset to the Quincy Valley.
My wife Aleeta, my son Louis and I decided to move to France, where we will be able to develop our newly created “touring” business. Aleeta and I wish for Louis to learn French and be exposed to the French culture before he graduates from high school.
Simply stated, we are excited and nervous to take this leap but believe it is for the right reasons. We will still have ties to this region, as our daughter Alexa and her family will continue to live in Wenatchee. Our daughter Aisha will remain in the Northwest. I want to thank all of you who supported us in our roles and responsibilities in the Quincy community. We have developed many lifetime friendships in Quincy and therefore promised each other that we will visit as often as possible.
The QVMC Board of Commissioners is committed to ensuring a smooth transition. Its short-term goal is to hire an interim CEO who will maintain the medical center’s operations until QVMC finds a permanent replacement. While these transitions may appear challenging at first, I am convinced that change is good because it has the potential to bring new opportunities that we may not have thought about.
I am honored to have worked with the QVMC staff members and to have served the Quincy community in my capacity as administrator of GCHD No. 2 for almost (shy of a month) 10 years. I am proud of the teamwork, compassion and quality of care our employees have shown in difficult conditions, with many restrictions and sometimes adversities. Through all the challenges and successes, I will always treasure the memories of my time spent at QVMC. It was a privilege to get to know such fine people professionally and personally.
I also want to thank the QVMC commissioners for their continuous support not only of me but also, most importantly, of this facility. The five commissioners have served on this board for more than 10 years and you can be assured that they are not doing it for the glory or the pay. Some of them have lost friendships over events that affected QVMC. The QVMC Foundation members also deserve praises for their dedication and strong support of our medical facility.
Finally, to the naysayers and the detractors, I would like to make a suggestion. I sincerely respect anybody’s right to an opinion. Nonetheless, I believe that the majority of the decriers would do everyone (most certainly themselves and their community) a huge favor if they first get informed (that implies about all sides of the issues) and, second, choose the monthly board meetings instead of the social media sites to voice their concerns. These regularly scheduled meetings are where opinions, suggestions and concerns really matter.
Effective Jan. 1, one board commissioner’s seat will be open. This is probably the best opportunity for the critics to implement the changes they deem necessary, positively contribute and make a real difference.