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Posted on Jun 29, 2019

Microsoft applies for change to permit

Microsoft aims to revise the air quality permit for its MWH Data Center, at 1515 Port Industrial Parkway, Quincy, and a public comment period is open.
The Washington Department of Ecology states that Microsoft MWH Data Center currently has an air quality permit to install and operate 117 diesel powered emergency generators, 32 cooling towers, and 136 evaporative coolers. The operating limitations and emission limits in the existing Approval Order are calculated based on the assumption that MWH may average annual fuel use and annual operating hours over a three-year rolling period, meaning that theoretical maximum emissions are based on a worst-case year in which MWH would use three times the average annual fuel limit and operate three times the average annual hourly limit.
Microsoft submitted an application to remove MWH’s option to average annual usage over a rolling three-year period and replace it with a rolling 12-month average.
The proposed change to the operating limits represents a decrease in permitted worst-case annual emissions. Hourly emission limits and operating scenarios would not change, according to the department.
Ecology says it has determined this project satisfies the requirements of Chapters 173-400 and 173-460 WAC, and the public is invited to comment. A public hearing will be held if Ecology determines there is significant public interest.
Comments are due by 5 p.m. July 19. For information and ways to comment, visit

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