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Posted on Apr 10, 2019

New play coming to Masquers

It’s Hamlet meets humor, “Midsummer’s Night Dream” meets “Saturday Night Live.”
At least that’s a way director Patrick Rosman describes his latest production, “I Hate Shakespeare,” opening April 12 at Soap Lake’s Masquers Theater.
Written by Steph DeFerie, the comedy represents a comeback of sorts for Rosman, a longtime actor for Masquers who last directed a play in a high school, in Madras, Oregon, 10 years ago.
“I prefer to perform,” said Rosman, who played five characters in the Masquers’ production of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” last fall.
The folks at Masquers kept asking him to direct a play, and after reading a stack of shows, “I Hate Shakespeare” was the only one that made him laugh out loud – at work, no less.
“I would look up and everyone would be staring at me,” he said of his coworkers. “So I thought, ‘this is a good show.’ ”

Julia Gonzalez takes dictation from Mark Beyer during a scene of “I Hate Shakespeare,” a comedy opening this weekend at Soap Lake’s remodeled Masquers Theater.
Photo by Sebastian Moraga/Post-Register

The story of a man (actor Bevan Olstad) and his quest to find anything remotely redeeming about the works of Shakespeare, the tale leads him into all kinds of misadventures, including dealing with zombies, anthropomorphic cows, Hamlet (played by Masquers veteran Adam Zaleski) and Jerry Springer.
The public need not know much about Shakespeare to enjoy this play, Rosman said. Rehearsals have been a blast, Rosman said, praising the theater for taking a gamble on him as a director.
“If I bomb, which I really doubt, some people will have mud on their face, but I’m not going to do that to them,” he said.
Rosman’s real-life girlfriend Kathleen Stahl is the assistant director for this play.
“She knows how I work, and she’s very organized and creative,” Rosman said. “She’s got good secretarial skills, so she’s taken a major load off my stress level and let me focus on working with the actors and building my props and sets.”
Showtimes for “I Hate Shakespeare” are 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p.m. on Sundays, from April 12 to 28. The show lasts about 70 minutes, and it’s suitable for people ages 13 and up.
“There’s going to be a lot of things that make people go, ‘What the heck? Why did they do that?’ ” Rosman said. “It’s a distraction for the mind.”

By Sebastian Moraga,