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Posted on Nov 28, 2017

Oath makes a home in Quincy

Sen. Judy Warnick was one of the speakers at the Oct. 25 event at the Oath campus in northeast Quincy celebrating the company’s expansion in the Washington city. Among her remarks, Warnick said she is thankful that Oath chose Quincy.
“We love the jobs. We love to have you here. … This has been a really good fit for a small town” that used to have dirt streets, Warnick said.
The event featured a large donation by Oath to Quincy School District. Carole Carlton, the district’s director of student achievement, accepted the $2,500 gift and said the district is very excited to plan how to use the funds.
“It will be utilized by the Highly Capable Program Team to determine STEM opportunities it will support,” Carlton said. “We are extremely thankful for this thoughtful donation.”

Carole Carlton, of Quincy School District, accepts a check from Oath’s Quincy campus lead, Bob Kingsley – $2,500 for STEM, or science, technology, engineering and math.
Photo provided

Bob Kingsley, Oath’s Quincy campus lead, said at the event celebrating Oath’s expansion in Quincy: “This reinforces our investment in the area as a center of technical excellence for our company. Throughout our 10 years here, one of the things that I am most proud of is the strong partnership and relationship we’ve had with this community. We also recognize that our success in Grant County is directly a result of the talented workforce and the support we receive from community members such as yourselves. Our engineering and colleagues are invested members of the company and the community. When their friends and neighbors do better, so do they and our business. That’s why we believe it’s so important to support our local businesses, schools and organizations.”
Another Oath executive, Mike Coleman, vice president of Infrastructure as a Service, is also enthusiastic about Quincy and its part in Oath’s success.
Coleman said in a blog post: “Our goal is to reach a community of 2 billion people by 2020 by building content and products that inspire, entertain, and inform the world. This expansion is part of our effort to build the infrastructure we need to support that growth. …
“One of the key factors that we evaluated as we considered our expansion was the availability of dependable power in the area. We and other tech companies have identified Grant County as a great place to build for a number of reasons including the local talent, the engaged community, and the accessibility of renewable resources. …
“We’re proud of the strong relationship we’ve developed with the local community – not just by helping improve the economy, but also through our charitable contributions and volunteer initiatives. … We’re also extremely proud of our data centers’ sustainability. Year over year, our carbon emissions have continued to decrease. We strategically picked Quincy with the ability to expand our presence there in order to leverage renewable resources and diminish reliance on fossil fuels.”

By Dave Burgess,