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Posted on Aug 14, 2019

Obituary: Ruth Cole “RC” Bair

Ruth Cole “RC” Bair
Nov. 15, 1950-July 30, 2019

On a cold morning on Nov. 15, 1950, Nola Cole, who was eight and a half months pregnant, slipped on the ice by her front door and fell to the ground. The jolt put her into labor and a few hours later, Ruth Cole was born in Preston, Idaho. A sensitive spirit was introduced into this insensitive world. Ruth was the first of what would become six children born in the family of Calvin Christian Cole and Nola Rogers Cole.
Ruth grew up in the southern Idaho area around Preston and Lava Hot Springs, then the family moved to Roy, Utah. She enjoyed the outdoors and especially loved the time spent with the Andrus family. She liked watching the sheep up the canyons near Lava with her good friend Linda Andrus. She had a hard time changing to the city life when they moved to Utah and never really got the hang of it. She did enjoy 4-H and junior posse in high school and always loved animals, especially horses.
She loved her family and has always been loyal to her brothers and sister. She learned to be responsible at a young age and worked hard all her life.
In high school she picked up the nickname RC because of the old Royal Crown Cola ads and that her initials were RC. Many people probably wouldn’t know her name was Ruth.
In the fall of 1969, she went to Ricks College and in January of that year met her future husband, Glen Bair. After a year of college, the two were married at the tender age of 19 in August of 1970.
While Glen was farming near Ephrata, Washington, the couple raised 9 children, their most important crop. RC was well known for her beautiful long hair that was way past her knees for many years. She drove that Suburban about 30,000 miles a year going to sports, orthodontists, church activities and everything else that needed to be done.
RC was very artistic and always drew pictures. She called them scribble pictures, but more than once people asked if they could cut out the piece of paper table cloth she had drawn on and take the picture home.
She made clothes for her children with her sewing skills and later in life made many beautiful quilts.
Her bread and cinnamon rolls and pies were amazing. She always said the kids thought they were being punished if they had to eat store brand.
She loved people and was always willing to serve others. It was very difficult for her to accept the help of others when she became disabled for the last several years of her life.
RC had a strong faith in God and believed in Jesus with all her heart.
Ruth passed away on July 30, 2019, after a long and hard battle with Parkinson’s disease and terrible neuropathy. Her headstone will say “Ah-h-h, peace at last in the loving, accepting, healing arms of Jesus.”
Ruth is survived by her 9 children: Linda Sanderson of Paul, Idaho, and her husband Allen; Kurt Bair and wife Jami of Louisville, Kentucky; Rick Bair and wife Erika of Maple Valley, Washington; Lisa Sheehy and husband Todd of Rogers, Minnesota; Doug Bair and wife Lindsey of Borger, Texas; Denise Stephens and husband Josh of Clinton, Utah; Dan Bair and wife Tessa of Borger, Texas; Jake Bair and wife Rachel of Pasco, Washington; Shauna Webb and husband Tyler of Nampa, Idaho; and 27 grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by one grandson.
A memorial service will be held August 17th at 11 a.m. at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 1301 E. Division Ave. in Ephrata.
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