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Posted on Oct 24, 2018

Perri the Poetry Fairy visits Mountain View Elementary

It seemed like Halloween had started a bit early at Mountain View Elementary School on Oct. 11 when Perri the Poetry Fairy came to visit in her bright turquoise dress and glittery wings.
The costumed lady is Susan Blair who is on a mission to encourage kids to read and to love poetry.
Blair first started making her fairy appearances in Wenatchee, where she volunteered up to 15 hours a week as Perri. She was a welcome change from the classroom routine, both for the students and teachers.

Orin Melvin’s (left) third-grade class had a special visitor, Perri the Poetry Fairy, on Oct. 11 to share some fun – and some mindful – poetry for kids. She will return on three more weekly visits.
Photo by Jaana Hatton/For the Post-Register

On Oct. 11, she shared her good spirit and love of literature with Orin Melvin’s third-grade class. Melvin had prepared the children a week earlier by telling them that the poetry fairy was coming, and they had talked about metaphors and similes.
Perri read aloud some poems for them with engaging expressions. Her animated and well-rehearsed reading captured the student’s attention. The soccer ball theme of one generated lively discussion; what if the soccer ball kicked you back?
It wasn’t all silliness, though. One poem touched upon the idea of second chances and forgiveness. Perri again encouraged the kids to share their thoughts, and a sea of eager arms were up to get a turn. The kids agreed that a big heart is a good thing.
Perri carries around a silvery wand, much-loved and well-worn, but still strong with magic. Whenever someone shares a thought, they receive a “good ding” from the wand. This time, the teacher also got “dinged.”
Perri gave the students a bit of homework: to write a poem for next week. The fairy with the word magic will be visiting Mountain View Elementary over the next three weeks on Oct. 18, 25 and Nov. 1, 12:20-12:50 p.m., in the classroom.
Perri the Poetry Fairy is available for events. You can contact Blair at

By Jaana Hatton, For the Post-Register