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Posted on Jul 29, 2019

Pink Oven Bakery rising in Quincy Public Market

Started in the home kitchen of Tanya and Jerod Rollins in 2013, The Pink Oven Bakery has found a new home in Quincy Public Market.
The new storefront opened up in June after demand became too high for the couple’s baked goods. According to Tanya, the business had become too large to run out of her home kitchen.
The bakery produces a variety of products, including cupcakes, cakes, cookies and breads. They also bake custom cakes made to order. Business is split about half and half between storefront retail in the market and custom cakes, according to Tanya.

Owners Tanya and Jerod Rollins opened their first retail location in the Quincy Public Market in June. However, the couple started the business in 2013 baking in their home kitchen.
Photo by Miles King/Post-Register

When the cupcake craze took over baking culture about six years ago, Tanya was inspired to make her own delectable creations. With a lot of trial, error and experimenting, Tanya and Jerod began producing desirable baked goods. They got their start selling products through Facebook, in farmers markets, craft shows and catering. However, their love for food, baking and cooking began before any product was sold.
Although he earned a bachelor’s in business management, Jerod considered attending culinary arts school due to his long love of cooking. For Tanya, her love for baking began at a young age when she baked cookies with her mother.
“It’s always something I’ve enjoyed doing,” said Tanya. “I love taking some things and combining them in a way that is so flavorful and exceptional.”
Not sure when or where to open a retail storefront, the Rollins read the news of the public market plans in a Post-Register story. According to Tanya, it was rumored the owners wanted a bakery in the market, so the couple dazzled the market owners with samples of their products and secured their location in the market.
“We see what’s happening in Quincy. We see all the growth and all the potential,” said Jerod. “We knew this was going to be a really important place [the market] for Quincy.”
Equipped with a new commercial kitchen and more space in the public market, Pink Oven Bakery is set to continue growing. According to Jerod, the bakery currently employs four people and is always looking to hire more. He also added that he expects the custom cake side of the business to continue growing as it has in the past few years.
A unique feature of the retail shop is a large window located to the right of the register counter. Peering through the window, onlookers inside the public market can watch cakes be decorated. Tanya envisions having a few cake decorators working at the same time so people can stop to watch as they walk by.
“It’s fun to see what goes on behind the scenes,” said Tanya.
Tanya and Jerod focus on using fresh ingredients in making their baked goods, and the feedback they receive from customers, friends and staff is highly valued, said Jerod.
“We’re really big on learning and growing,” Jerod said. “When someone says, ‘oh my gosh, this is the best cookie I’ve ever had,’ it’s really exciting; it’s really inspiring.”

By Miles King,