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Posted on Jan 26, 2019

Politics outweighing real values over the border: Column

By Kathie King

If I hear the words “these are not our values” one more time, I think I am going to be physically sick. Usually, the person saying this is speaking only of their values they have to be re-elected. At least the ones they want you to believe they have, not necessarily the rest of the country. If we reject illegal immigration for all, and make an easy path for those who do not want to follow the law, then we are racist. Well so be it, I guess that is what we are. Remember being told if you tell a child they are stupid and they will never amount to anything enough times they will believe it? Well, that is apparently the game plan of the Democrats and their progressive little darlings newly elected to Congress. They demand we accept every Luis, Jorge, and Jesus, and that is most of the people trying to rush the border, not too many Lucias, Marias or Paulas in the crowd. Common sense does not allow it. It will overpower our medical system, our housing market, our educational system and the list goes on.
Our border agents are being tarred and feathered over the death of two children. They were in their custody for a few hours before they passed away. The agents are not at fault. The children’s parents or guardians are the ones to blame. They dragged them thousands of miles and then neglected to tell the authorities about their condition, otherwise they wouldn’t have been allowed to enter. There have been and will be many more children to die, as they are the “ticket to the promised land.” However, Congress has not done and does not want to do anything to prevent this. Politics you know, and the media has a hand in this too.
Mr. Elfers will probably do a piece on this situation. He usually covers things with a leftist slant. I asked him when he was going to do a piece on George Soros since he had covered the Koch brothers in one of his op-eds. He said he had no plans to do so, he wasn’t obligated to. True Story. He isn’t obligated to do anything, certainly not to give both sides equal press.
There is a GoFundMe page to build a barrier in places it is needed. It is at almost $20 million dollars and growing every day. Maybe the American public will have to take matters into their own hands. Check it out. It is not immoral as Schumer and Pelosi are saying – it is common sense. Is there anyone left in Congress who has any? Schumer and Pelosi, plus many other Democrats in the past, have touted a border wall was in our country’s best interest. The only difference now is which president is fighting for it.
Our own governor tries to hamstring our law enforcement at every opportunity. Washington state is not a sanctuary state … yet. Our own community has felt loss at the hands of those who do not share the sanctity of life. We know how it feels. The Congress and late-night talk show hosts apparently do not. Who is immoral for wanting barriers?

Kathie King is a resident of Quincy.