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Posted on Nov 10, 2017

Port of Quincy prepares budget for 2018

It is budgeting time at the Port of Quincy, all three board members met with Comptroller Darci Kleyn on Nov. 1 to hash out the numbers for a preliminary plan for 2018.
Kleyn directed the commissioners through the preliminary budget on spreadsheets on a large screen in their offices on F Street SW. They discussed the budget categories and dollar values and tried to predict needs for the upcoming year for the various components of the port’s work.
The preliminary budget will be ready for public view on Nov. 8. The board may vote on a finalized budget on Nov. 21.
The Port of Quincy commissioners were excited about the new assessed value of property within the port district, which influences the organization’s budget, as it does for other tax-supported entities.
“That’s how our money is derived,” said Commissioner Curt Morris.
The county’s new preliminary valuation for 2018 within the Port of Quincy is $4.1 billion. By comparison, the valuation within the Port of Moses Lake is $3.7 billion.
Likewise, the preliminary assessed property value in the city of Quincy for 2018 is higher than in Moses Lake: Quincy’s is $2.7 billion; Moses Lake’s is $2.1 billion.
The preliminary valuation within the Port of Quincy for 2018 is $579 million greater than the 2017 assessed valuation. The new construction preliminary valuation within the Port of Quincy’s area is $139 million. Rising valuations tend to bring down levy rates, and the Port of Quincy’s levy rate has declined every year since 2012.
“We work hard to … bring in new businesses and a lot of different things,” Morris said.
Commissioner Brian Kuest added, “We’re not done yet.”
Echoing that optimism, Patrick Boss, director of the port’s business development and public affairs, said, “A lot of good stuff is going to happen in 2018 here too … We are not done by any means.”

By Dave Burgess,