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Posted on Feb 25, 2019

QSD chief Boyd is candidate for two jobs

John Boyd, superintendent of Quincy School District, is in the running for two superintendent jobs.
Boyd is one of six people to be interviewed to become the next Yakima School District superintendent. He is also a candidate for another job he cannot reveal, because the school district has not made the candidates’ names public yet.
The Naches Valley school district is also looking for a superintendent. Boyd did not apply for that job, he said.
“I am still exploring,” he said of the Yakima job. “I think it could be a good opportunity for me to take on a new challenge and continue to make a difference for kids in a bigger setting.”
If he gets hired in Yakima or for the other job, he would start July 1.
The new Quincy High School is scheduled to be completed and opened June 14.
“This is not something I entered into lightly,” Boyd said, adding that his wife is supportive of his decision to explore new job opportunities.
Asked if money was a factor, Boyd said he has never entered into a job because of a salary, choosing instead to find places where he can “make a difference and leave a legacy.”
“If you keep moving forward with your passion and keep challenging yourself, the money follows, so the money is not what’s driving me,” he said.
Yakima’s school district is about five times the size of Quincy School District.
“It’s kind of a larger version of Quincy: kind of the same demographics and the same challenges on a bigger level,” Boyd said. “It’s just the challenge, the opportunity to make a difference on a larger scale.”
At the same time, Boyd warned that it’s a long process until either Yakima or the second district makes a decision.
“It’s not a slam-dunk,” he said, adding that he does not intend to apply for any more positions.
“I have not decided that it’s a fit for me, and they have not decided I am a fit for them. I still have an awesome job here in Quincy, and I’m still going to work 100 percent for them for as long as I’m here,” he said.
Quincy Assistant Superintendent Nik Bergman said he is happy for Boyd, whom he called an upbeat, collaborative, visionary, hard-working and positive leader.
Bergman has worked for Boyd for five years, as principal of Pioneer Elementary and then as assistant superintendent.
Asked if he would be interested in replacing Boyd if the job became open, Bergman responded that he is interested in making his career here in Quincy and staying in Quincy.
“It’s way too early to even think about that,” he said. At the same time, he said Quincy has been a good fit for him for 15 years.
“I love the community, the people, the staff, the students, they are amazing and inspiring,” he said. “I have three children in the schools and they are doing great. It’s just a great place to be.”

By Sebastian Moraga,