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Posted on Feb 21, 2019

QSD levy inches higher in vote tally

Quincy School District will receive the levy money it requested in the Feb. 12 election. The most recent tally of votes by Grant County elections office shows those a rise of 4 percentage points in favor of the QSD replacement levy.
The county is set to announce the final tally on Feb. 22 and certify the election. The county says voter turnout was 39 percent.

Quincy School District, Proposition No. 1, Replacement Educational Programs and Operation Levy
Levy yes votes: 66%
Levy no votes: 34%
Total votes counted: 1,659

The levy proposition, $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value, requires a 50 percent approval rate from the voters in order to pass.
Levy money would go toward public school programs, including athletics, technology, school safety, counseling, enrichment programs, arts, music, library programs, maintenance, transportation, special education, books, early childhood education and college-level classes and college trips.
Other measures on the ballot fared well.
A Royal School District bonds proposition to renovate school facilities also inched higher, rising to 65 percent in favor in the latest count.
Two schools proposals in Ephrata, a levy and a bonds issue, were almost unchanged in the percentages in favor and opposed. Both garnered about 77 percent yes votes.
A Grand Coulee schools levy proposition inched up from 58 to 60 percent in favor.
Two propositions for Odessa schools also rose slightly. Like the other replacement levies on the ballot, the Odessa levy proposition won plenty of support, with 79 percent in the latest tally, and the district’s capital levy proposition rose to 77 percent.

By Dave Burgess,